Ben Rohr is a multifamily developer, a commercial real estate investment banker, community builder and writer.

Growing up in NYC I fell in love with the culture, ideas, people and architecture all around me.I'm grateful to spend my days focused on serving the ongoing evolution and development of commercial real estate, housing, the city and the built world.

Principal at DiraAs a privately held and vertically- integrated real estate company, we develop, acquire, own and operate multi-family residential properties in the worlds most dynamic markets.With a focused mission on shaping timeless spaces that enhance neighborhoods and cities, we are committed to creating and building socially, economically and environmentally responsible residential communities.Visit Dira to learn more.

Founder at Interspun
Supporting the sponsors, general partners, builders, and developers shaping the future of the built world.
Facilitating bespoke access to the US middle market Commercial Real Estate and Venture equity capital markets.Tap into our existing networked infrastructure.You're building buying and acquiring and you're ready to grow.Gain thoughtful bespoke access to our active network of 75,000 Commercial Real Estate Owners, Funds and Family Offices.Bring the right partners into each new acquisition and continue to expand your platform.With our direct relationships with the Real Estate funds and family offices cultivated over 21 years, we serve our clients by utilizing our direct banking relationships with all major commercial Real Estate banks, lenders, funds and family office investors engaged in U.S. Commercial Real Estate.

Founder at The Mind JamsThe Mind Jams is a private community and dinner event series bringing people together for purposeful friendships and the provocative explorations of ideas and collaborative possibilities.I host and facilitate round table conversational dialogues with people throughout the world.Guests include leaders shaping the future of finance, real estate, urban planning, philosophy, psychology and religion.Learn more and join us.

ReadingI enjoy reading deeply and widely across disciplines and topics. I keep an (occasionally) updated reading list here.

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